Who We Are!

Boston Jedi is a Boston-based lightsaber stagecombat club. We are looking to get Star Wars fans together to create and practice with lightsaber props to create visually engaging stagecombat for audiences, whether that's 3 people in a hallway, a stage in front of a room full of people, or as pre-game entertainment at a sports stadium.

We are not a cosplay group, although some of our members do SW cosplay. Likewise, we are not a roleplaying group, although some of our members do SW RP.

We are not affiliated with Lucasfilm in any way, although we are encouraging our members to create a costume and apply for membership in one of the Lucasfilm-recognized groups: the 501st Legion (as a specific Sith Lord), the Rebel Legion (both specific and generic Jedi), or The Dark Empire (as a generic Sith).


Boston Jedi's charter was adopted in July 2016. Dave Leung, dcltdw at gmail dot com, is our current President. Boston Jedi is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone; our full anti-harassment policy is online.

Find us online...
We use a low-traffic email list for announcements. Expect a once-a-week message from the organizers about this week's practice details.


Or join our Facebook group! That's where most of our online socializing happens.